Vanilla Mozi -The Early Days

An Introduction to Vanilla Mozi.
Back in 2005 Vanilla Mozi was started by Lea-anne Crawford out of her own desperate desire to
use a natural product on her own children so they could play outside without getting bitten by
mosquitos. Lea-anne has a degree in Sports Science and was resident in Ocean Grove, Victoria
when her search for such a product proved fruitless. Undeterred she turned to her ever-increasing
knowledge of natural products and began to concoct a handmade lotion in her kitchen.
Her mosquito attracting husband Dave became the “crash test dummy” and after beginning with
a blank canvas Lea-anne hit upon the ingredients that gave her the perfect solution to her
problem. Experimenting with natures oils and essences proved to be the key to finding the
combination of repelling mosquitos and also disguising us from the mosquitos highly honed sense
of smell. Vanilla Mozi was created! Knowing she wouldn’t be the only mum out there wanting a
nontoxic, chemical-free option for her children, she gained a wider test audience of family and
friends, began to sell her homemade, handcrafted products at markets. The response was
Today Vanilla Mozi remains a family owned and run business that supplies countless families
around the globe with protection against mosquitos and midges. Vanilla was set upon as the
primary fragrance, the addition of spearmint brings a fresh fragrance to the lotion. It is distinctive
enough that we have had customers contact us telling us they have been stopped in the streets
whilst holidaying overseas only to be asked, “What are you using to stop the mozzies, it smells so
Mothers, who are a tough market to impress, instantly fell in love with Vanilla Mozi. It is gentle
enough to use during pregnancy and can be used on babies and toddlers, right through to
elderly folk with the tenderest of skin.The shea butter and beeswax-based lotion is ideal to use as
a daily moisturiser, with the added benefit of a ‘built-in’ fragrance and the ability to repel pesky
biting bugs. It’s widely considered the go-to triple treat item when traveling as it ticks a lot of
boxes for all.
The range of products currently includes lotion, newly available in tubes, pump packs that are on
their way out, travel tubs, candles and melts. We offer an electric burner online as well. Shopping
online is the simplest way to get the latest Vanilla Mozi products, we have an extensive list of
stockists listed there too so please jump across to have a look at what’s available. Our FAQ
section will tell you how best to use Vanilla Mozi and how to care for your candles so you get the
most out of them. Hope you enjoy our products.
The Vanilla Mozi Family